Empower Your Community with Envita Medical Centers’ Center of Excellence Offering for Cancer and Chronic Disease Treatment

Your Organization Needs Envita’s Center of Excellence Option

Envita's Center of Excellence provides patients, insurance carriers, self-insured employer groups, and Health Shares precision integrative treatment options for cancer and Lyme disease using 20 years of Envita's custom algorithms and clinical experience to assess patients with next level personalized medicine.

Often these conditions, when using standard of care treatments, are missing important precision options and integration which require a higher-level of personalization.

Envita's team of 200+ members to include physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and chemists provide specialized genomic targeting, immunotherapy, transcription gene regulation and targeted non-invasive surgery. These specialists provide important options that patients desperately need to overcome their diagnosis.

At an estimated rate of 1.5x Medicare for most plans, patients receive exceptional next level care while offering plan providers competitive cost savings.

Take control of your organizational costs and provide access to precision next level treatment options for oncology and Lyme disease patients with Envita's Global Rate program.

Envita’s Global Rate Program Benefits


Access to Envita's precision integrative medical model (customized medical care developed from 20yrs of custom treatment algorithms) for Oncology and Lyme Disease based on patient outcomes and cost reduction

Precision 2nd Opinion

Important precision 2nd opinion and unapparelled patient experience navigation and treatment options for those wanting targeted, personalized integrative medicine

Cost Transparency

Full cost transparency with timeline of treatment prior to authorization of care

Validated Outcome Data

Validated outcome data with costs at an average of 1.3x's Medicare's rates; based on 3rd party actuarial certification

No Cost

No cost to the organization until the plan is agreed to and approved by the administrator of the plan and the patient starts care

Industry First

Industry first - Reduced stop loss risk with laser captive coverage for complex cancers, autoimmune diseases and chronic Lyme disease patients

Take control of your risk with Envita's global rate!

How Envita Achieves Success with the First Value-Based Integrative Precision Oncology Model

Advanced Precision Technology for Oncology

Cancer may surpass heart disease as the leading cause of death in the United States by 2030 according The Lancet article. To reduce cancer deaths and help patients outperform often outdated, one-size-fits-all NCCN (National Comprehensive Cancer Network) protocols and regimens, it is critical to incorporate powerful strategies.

Fortunately, Envita Medical Centers has been committed to providing the latest innovations in precision technology, since our inception over two decades ago. With the goal of improving patient outcomes on all metrics, we have innovated in every major area of oncology, from genomics to immunotherapies, while focusing on highly customizing care for our patients.

Building better care options has always been at the heart of our mission. The patients that choose Envita Medical Centers for their oncology care have often been failed by the limited options at America’s top cancer facilities. These patients desperately need Envita’s innovative approach to care. To help them overcome such limitations in oncology, we intensified our efforts for enhancing integrative precision technologies, which has proved to be of great clinical value for our patients.

The following are examples of some of our unique technologies, which we have developed to help our patients:

Replacing Invasive Surgery

Our customized interventional radiology oncology team aims to avoid invasive procedures and the use of general anesthesia altogether. We deploy specialized interventional radiology technology through catheters, as thin as human hair, to target tumors with customized medications selected for each patient, as patients leave the clinic with a simple bandage over the skin. This precision delivery method goes way beyond standard-of-care options by using image guided delivery of genomic and customized immunotherapy for each patient. This treatment provides the latest innovation in precision oncology by utilizing Envita’s proprietary bioinformatic algorithms for advanced treatment of each patient.

Envita deploys another precision interventional radiology delivery method, called cryoablation, to avoid invasive surgical procedures, which have the potential of causing the metastatic spread of cancer. Cryoablation or freezing of tumors is used to kill cancer quickly, while keeping the essential immune antigens intact, enabling the body to better recognize metastatic spread and proactively treat it. Additionally, our interventional radiology oncology department directly embolizes the essential blood supply feeding the tumors to lock in key immunotherapy and targeted chemotherapy. These agents are customized for each patient via proprietary bioinformatic algorithms to help in directly starving their tumors. These personalized agents minimize nonspecific chemotherapy damage to the rest of the body with the goal of creating a full body immune response. At Envita, we are replacing outdated surgeries with minimally invasive precision image-guided options to help improve patient care, outcomes, and overall experience. These strategies were developed by Envita’s specially trained team, based on their experience of two decades in providing complex oncology care.

Replacing Chemotherapy with Precision Targets

Chemotherapy, when not properly targeted, can be very taxing on the body, which is why Envita has developed a precision-based chemotherapeutic option, called GTFC™ or Genetically Targeted Fractionated Chemotherapy. GTFC™ utilizes extensive genomic testing, going beyond what is typically done elsewhere (if at all), and includes Envita’s proprietary bioinformatic algorithms to target care on a genomic level and allows patients access to off-label medications, targeted chemotherapies, and integrative adjunctive customized treatments. This treatment strategy is much more precise than the standard NCCN guidelines for care, especially after patients have already failed standard of care.

Precision-Based Approach to Radiation Oncology

Radiation is typically done via external beam (IMRT, TOMO, Proton beam), but Envita utilizes a more targeted and lower dose treatment, called 3D tumor targeting that allows image-guided delivery of small radioactive beads that are smaller than a grain of rice. These beads are placed in peri tumoral areas with customized radiosensitizers aimed at resistant cancer stem cells, to help improve long-term responses in highly resistant cancer cells. 3D tumor targeting allows for one procedure, instead of the multiple visits required to take the stronger doses of radiation. We aim to eliminate the need for long-term high dose external beam radiotherapy and reduce side effects by using this image guided technology for care.

Infrastructure Designed for Precision Care at Envita

To solely focus on precision oncology, Envita has its own customized infrastructure, such as, our custom compounding pharmacy, which was developed over several decades. Our custom compounding pharmacy helps to develop the key targets needed for each patient’s unique genetics, mutations, immunotherapy, and other needs.

In standard hospitals or oncology facilities, medications are ordered based on standard guidelines with minor modifications, as they are stipulated by CPT billing codes followed for reimbursements by health insurance companies. However, Envita breaks away from these limitations to utilize precision medicine, which is hardly utilized in the standard-of-care model due to costs, lack of access to technology, and the inability to go off-label when the targets call for it. These factors make it difficult for standard institutions to provide high level customization, increasing their dependence on pharmaceutical companies to deliver precision drugs. This process of procuring drugs can be slow and expensive, often delaying treatments and access to precision oncology, nationwide.

In fact, only 17% of patients get the benefits of utilizing precision oncology testing, according to a recent article by Duke university (Strickler, J., & Sison, E. A. R. (2022, January 27). Duke Molecular Tumor Board: Tackling barriers to precision cancer medicine. Medscape. Retrieved February 23, 2023, from https://www.medscape.org/viewarticle/966786). Most oncologists are not trained in molecular targeting, which is crucial for utilizing precision oncology, as a result precision oncology does not get fully utilized in standard institutions. At Envita, not only do we have trained oncologists, but our chemists and pharmacists also work closely with our doctors to utilize our proprietary bioinformatics algorithms, which are singularly focused on improving patient outcomes and extending human life. In our clinical experience, this treatment strategy has made a significant difference in patient outcomes. In fact, Envita’s Molecular Tumor Boards meet regularly to share cases and discuss patient care, creating team style practice.

Value-Based Care for Precision Oncology

Envita is one of the only precision integrative oncology programs based on a value-based care model. The basic goal of value-based care is to improve outcomes and experiences while reducing overall cost of care, and Envita has uniquely accomplished these metrics in chronic disease and oncology, in accordance with the goal of National Institute of Health (NIH) (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7185050/ ). However, it has been hard for standard hospitals and specialty care centers to accomplish these goals, due to the current billing systems in health insurance.

Envita’s cost of care is 50% the cost of convention oncology with access to many times more precision technology. Envita’s costs are certified by 3rd party actuarial response data at 141% of Medicare, which is significantly lower than conventional cost for non-precision oncology, which ranges from 300% to 1000% of Medicare rates, depending on the institution. Our value-based, cost-efficient pricing has encouraged several self-funded employer groups to partner with us, as an important option for their employees. Self-funded groups can control their healthcare spending, which is why their partnership with us will not only drive down their healthcare costs, but also improve their employees’ responses.

Envita’s Skilled Team to Deliver Latest Healthcare Technologies with Care

Envita’s Human Resources team reviews an estimated 13,000 to 16,000 resumes to identify the one person that may fit the skill set required for a role, while possessing attributes of radically loving care and exceptional interpersonal skills. Our team comprises exceptionally skilled and compassionate people, who have the desire and gift to give love and facilitate healing for our patients. We try our best to accomplish this goal for every patient, as our data also showed an outstanding 88%* satisfaction by our patients, a score provided by their own patient directed forms.

*Data is based on our analysis of records for 87 out of 129 patients that participated in Envita’s treatment program in 2020. 42 patients were removed from the cohort due the patient’s inability to start or complete Envita’s prescribed treatment for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to, advanced disease state, disease progression, or inability to travel.

Once selected, our multi-disciplinary doctors go through 1,500 hours of additional molecular targeting training, which takes an estimated 1 year to accomplish. To become proficient with Envita’s algorithms, every physician undergoes this training, irrespective of their background or training, prior to Envita.

All doctors at Envita are salaried, and they are not given financial incentives to prescribe treatment or care. This value-based payment model is in contrast with the conventional fee-split model, in which doctors are forced to bill, as payments are based on the number of appointments, treatments, or procedures they perform. Envita moves away from this fee-split payment model, as it can greatly impact value-based care. Instead, we believe that doctors should be encouraged by patient outcomes, and we continue to improve our systems to encourage just that, patient outcomes.

All our nurses are also on salary and are trained extensively in our unique precision delivery methods, enabling them to continue the radical loving care with our patients. Our nursing team with their compassionate care and interactions also contribute to achieving 88% patient satisfaction, as stated above. We are proud of this metric because we aim to address the varied emotional and financial burdens associated with patients dealing with late-stage cancer and complex diseases. We aim to help these patients and their families by providing appropriate education, awareness, and cost-transparency, without deviating from our radically loving care approach.

Finally, we have patient care coordinators, who are on a salary, but are additionally incentivized to ensure that each patient receives the highest level of care, consistently through their journey. These concierge members serve as advocates and educators, supporting patients in every step of their recovery journey, while ensuring they never have to do healthcare alone.

Envita’s concierge members work hard to coordinate complex plans, schedules, and become advocates and ambassadors for their patient, which is in contrast with processes in standard hospitals, where most patients feel traumatized and lonely in their journey. This superior level of patient experience is another key criterion, which helps Envita accomplish such a unique facility for care. We strongly believe that it is difficult to find such a successful value-based precision oncology environment elsewhere in the industry, if at all, which explains why most of our patients come through word-of-mouth referrals. A happy and healthy former patient’s review is one of our greatest compliments, which drives us to achieve more for each of our existing patients.

Health Plans Need Simplicity, Innovation, and Upfront Transparency to Navigate

With Envita's proprietary global rate modeling: insurance carriers, self-insurance employer groups, third party administrators, Health Shares and patients can receive upfront precision 2nd opinions with full cost transparency and understand their full treatment plan, cost of precision personalized treatment, treatment timeline, and cost saving based on Envita's successful proprietary algorithms for cancer and Lyme disease.

Providing important options to patients and greatly reducing unknown cost/risk to health care groups is what the Envita Global rate can do for your organization.

Often self-insured groups require stop loss captive coverage to handle unforeseen excessive costs linked to cancer and chronic tick-borne Lyme diseases and autoimmune diseases.

Envita's global rate assist with transparency by providing full cost and treatment timelines using next level targeted integrative treatment options for patients prior to accepting care.

Envita's global rate has been verified by leading 3rd party actuaries to validate an estimated 1.5x Medicare rate for most patient global rate plans.

With Envita's precision 2nd opinion, both the patient and the insurance carrier/ administrator or Health Share can make fully informed decisions and compare treatment options prior to starting any treatment plan.

Most patients have stated over the years that they wished they had come to Envita sooner as precision care provides a much more detailed and comprehensive plan removing much of the guesswork.

The Process is Simple, the Result Innovative

Envita's highly skilled concierge navigation team and medical personnel, after an in-depth review of the patient's medical records, data, and medical history using Envita's proprietary severity score and extensive clinical experience, can provide full cost of care, highly personalized programs, detailed planning, and the time needed to receive treatment within one all-encompassing global rate.

What is the Cost of Envita's Global Rate?

The care navigation and global rate is provided at no cost to the patient, insurance carriers, self-insured employer groups, or Health Shares.

Only when the plan is agreed to and a professional service agreement is approved, with full cost of care and timeline, is payment made in concert with the patient receiving the approved treatment plan.

Often these plans provide an unparalleled wonderful experience for patients to include important options patient did not have access to before.

These options are provided at competitive pricing with a full understanding of the financial risk prior to treatment by the plan administrator, helping greatly to reduce captive stop loss risk to the pool or organization.

How is Envita Medical Centers Different?

Over the last twenty years, Envita has been specializing in precision targeted care using genomics, immunotherapy, and non-invasive surgery, (Ex: intra-tumoral personalized genomic chemotherapy and immunotherapy) innovating the areas of complex cancers and Lyme disease.

Graph depicting Envita Medical Centers' method
Envita's process and algorithms are driven based on outcomes and clinical experience in multi-dimensional treatment planning.

This is different from the standard of care model which is driven by mass clinical trial data and not nearly as individualized or personalized.

Envita's model incorporates a more holistic integrative approach based on our clinical experience over several decades.

Genomic and immunotherapy targets are becoming more understood but are slow to adoption due to costs and institutional limitations.

Envita's global rate is an industry leading personalized integrative approach to help patients and organizations overcome these limitations and help save and extend lives.

Why Other Facilites Don’t Measure up to Envita’s Center of Excellence Program

Hospital Limitations

Infrastructure and procedures are not designed for precision personalized integrative medicine.
Treatments offered are designed for standard billing with CPT codes for common procedures. This drives one-size-fits-all modeling.
Hospital policies have numerous restrictions and limitations which focus on their standard offerings and not high-level personalization.
When hospitals offer clinical trials, it often involves one drug or one procedure and not a multidimensional comprehensive plan live Envita provides.

Envita overcomes hospital limitation with N of 1 treatment, true high-level customization and complex planning which larger institution are not designed to deploy. N of 1 treatment in custom designed for one single patient and includes everything from custom drug development to treatment planning.

Private Practice Limitations

Lack of logistics and operations to handle true care navigation and deployment of precision integrative treatment. Envita is the industry leader in the space of precision care.
Lack of technology, facility infrastructure, and personnel such as: custom drug design, facility space, staffing, surgical options, genomic chemotherapy, and the full option of care in one location under 70,000 square feet of medical operations. They lack the expertise from 200+ medical professionals trained to handle precision care design and delivery. Envita's physicians undergo 1,500 hrs of training and 1 year of rotations before they can see patients.
Lack of 3rd party verified actuarial data for outcomes and cost comparison to include Medicare cost and early intercept Envita algorithms. Envita's team provides unparalleled treatment options, care, and customization in a proven, 3rd party verified model making sure patients receive great care at competitive costs. 3rd party verification ensures our commitment to deliver the highest-level value-based care.

Leverage Your Health Plans with Envita’s Infrastructure and Tools

How Does Envita Accomplish These Metrics?

To offer a global rate in precision integrative care requires extensive infrastructure and technology. Hospitals can't easily do it and small practices can't do it either.

Envita Medical Centers Key Metrics

Campus buildings in Scottsdale, Arizona
Sq. ft. of medical space
Custom infusions performed per year
Highly trained employees
Annual inquiries

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